art of the drone

for hurdy gurdy, electric cello, 2 violins, 4 saxophones, 4 clarinets, 3 laptops, 2 voices, bells, organ, and piano

2 nocturnal drones were composed for an organ fundraiser concert at St. Augustine's in Tempe featuring the tangled labyrinths of J.S. Bach's Art of the Fugue. The pieces are meditations on Bach's highly personal statement, a deep exploration and interweaving of the harmonic-contrapuntal possibilities inherent in a simple theme.

Soft Drone

Loud Drone

Stefan Dollak,  hurdy-gurdy
Jimmy Peggie, electric cello
Ilona Kubiaczyk-Adler, organ
Jacob Adler, piano
Ryan Bledsoe, Julian Peterson, Keith Kelly,  David Wegehaupt,  saxes
Josh Bennett, Dominique Holley, Erica Low, Wen Wu, clarinets.
Eric Cousineau and Buddy Hayes, violins
Tony Obr, Josh Bennett, Jacob Adler, laptops
Elijah Frank, voice, bells
Rawleigh Emmons, voice, bells