buying a home

for 4 voices, percussion, piano and electronics
Robert Ashley was one of the most original and innovative American composers of opera. His death in March of 2014 marked the end of a strange and beautiful output of music. In collaboration with a band of exceptional artists, Jacob Adler presented this operatic tribute to Ashley's artistic spirit at the Kerr Cultural Center on Jan 27, 2015.

The opera depicts the story of Don and Linda as they navigate the labyrinth of real estate in Phoenix. The subtext of their journey is a search for meaning and purpose in a chaotic world, an attempt to reconcile bureaucracy and mystical experience, common law and dreams, social institutions and the vastness of space.

Josh Hill is Don, the buyer
Holly Pyle is Linda, the buyer
Richard Wall is Donny, the realtor
Ilona Kubiaczyk-Adler is Mścisława, the lender

Tony Obr is the sonic sculptor
Josh Bennett is the phonic engineer
Eric Retterer is the percussionist
Jacob Adler is the piano player

realty - life
don and linda - bob, one human among many
realtor - witch doctor, the Guide
national association of realtors - celestial bureaucracy
mortgage company - nature, violence and the mundane
purchase contract - ritual, transition into adulthood
due diligence - searching
migrations - movements between the cradle and grave (of civilization)
destinations - personal enlightenment
decisions - science and logic
dreams – realm of myth
skrjabin - music
loan application - confrontation with nature
buying a home - life and death: the human story