concert recordings

mikrokonzert - May 10, 2016 - St Augustine's, Tempe
New and old microtonal compositions, mostly in just intonation.

Toccata II, Livre de 1649 (Johann-Jakob Froberger)
performed by Ilona Kubiaczyk-Adler (organ tuned to 13-limit just intonation)

Just Feeling (2016) (Nick Carder)
Performed by Nick Carder (guitar)

N-dimensional (2016) (Jacob Adler)
Performed by Doug Nottingham (electronics, percussion), Parker Davis (guitar), Richard Bogen (guitar), Qais Essar (dilruba), Josh Hill (violin), Josh Bennett (bass clarinet), Dalton Dank (percussion), Paula Tesoriero (voice), Elizabeth Bayer (flute, voice), Holly Pyle (voice), Barry Moon (guitar), Brendan Rincon (electronics), Michael Frongillo (voice), Arijana Lempke (voice), Ilona Kubiaczyk-Adler (organ), Jacob Adler (electronics, tanpura, tsimbl, piano)

Celadon Crunsh (2016) (Parker Davis)
Performed by Parker Davis (guitar) and Jordan Tompkins (guitar)

Musica Prisca Caput (1555) (Nicola Vicentino)
Performed by Ilona Kubiaczyk-Adler (voice), Arijana Lempke (voice), Michael Frongillo (voice), Jacob Adler (organ)

Simple Materials (2016) (Dalton Danks)
performed by Dalton Danks (laptop)

Pure Tone (2016) (Mackenzie Bly)
performed by Mackenie Bly (guitar)

Sarcastic Sorcerer: 3 jokes for 6 fools (2016) (Richard Bogen)
performed by Richard Bogen (banjo drumset, balofon, autoharp), Dalton Dank (glockenspiel), Jimmy Peggie (electric cello), Jacob Adler (tanpura)

Critical Band (1988) (James Tenney)
performed by lots of people.