hollerin in the orgelpark

Hollerin’ is an old form of communication among rural folk living in vast spaces.

Similar to yodelin’, hollerin’ can be a musical way to call cattle, send greetings, broadcast distress, or bellow any other old thing.

Hollerin’ is becoming a lost art.

The following music was written for the unique instruments of the Orgelpark in Amsterdam – 4 organs and 2 pianos - on the occasion of Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2010. In addition to these forces, an electronic part is performed live by the composer on a homemade laptop instrument of multi-layered samples. 

Samples taken from a 1975 recording of the National Hollerin' Contest winners in Spivey's Corner, North Carolina have been retuned to harmonize with the spatial and kaleidoscopic textures created by organs, pianos, and sine waves.

Hollerin in the Orgelpark was awarded the organ composition prize at Gaudeamus Muziekweek in 2010.

- score -

performed by:
ilona kubiaczyk-adler, sauer orgel
erik-jan eradus, molzer orgel
gerben gritter, van leeuwen orgel
una cintina, verschueren orgel
laura sandee, piano
anna van nieukerken, piano
jacob adler, laptop

"...it was like getting a big, warm hug from a giant pipe monster."
-Ruby Fulton, New Music Box