for organ, piano, 6 voices, 3 electric guitars, 3 laptops, percussion, violin, dilruba, tsimbl, flute, bass clarinet

Beginning from a cloud of zero-dimensional points and ending in a 6-dimensional hexeract, players travel through a progression of expanding geometric dimensions in 7 short movements. Each movement has a set of musical parameters. Numbers in the score represent frequency multiples of C (1:1) and may also represent rhythmic durations. Each dimension represents a multiple of a prime number; as the dimensions increase, so does the complexity of the musical scale. Players wander down lines in any direction, exploring the dimensions of each shape, playing a new tone when a new number is encountered. The geometrical shapes are also tuning lattices in just intonation. Click on the score to embiggen.

This piece was written for a microtonality concert at St. Augustine's, Tempe, on May 10, 2016. 

Performed by Doug Nottingham (electronics, percussion), Parker Davis (guitar), Richard Bogen (guitar), Qais Essar (dilruba), Josh Hill (violin), Josh Bennett (bass clarinet), Dalton Danks (percussion), Paula Tesoriero (voice), Elizabeth Bayer (flute, voice), Holly Pyle (voice), Barry Moon (guitar), Brendan Rincon (electronics), Michael Frongillo (voice), Arijana Lempke (voice),  Ilona Kubiaczyk-Adler (organ), Jacob Adler (electronics, tanpura, tsimbl, piano)