opus claviblasticum

For 4 percussionists, 3 pianos in 13-limit just intonation, organ, and nonet

An hour-long work exploring rates of acceleration/deceleration, 
spatial movement, ecstatic drones, and 13-limit harmony.

1) Otoacoustic Emissions I (6')
2) Rotary Clocks (18')
3) Otoacoustic Emissions II (9')
4) Canons in Perpetual Motion (18')
5) Otoacoustic Emissions III (10')

Score - 

Premiered at the ASU Prisms Contemporary Music Festival
Organ Hall, Nov 12, 2018 

Doug Nottingham, percussion, modular synth
Brett Reed, percussion
Rob Esler, percussion
Lisa Tolentino, percussion
Ilona Kubiaczyk-Adler, piano
Jennifer Waleczek, piano
Juliana Witt, piano
Josh Hill, violin
Wei Guo, cello
Ruth Wenger, cello
Elizabeth Bayer, flute
Erica Low, clarinet
Josh Bennett, bass clarinet
Alan Acosta, saxophone
Parker Davis, guitar
Brendan Rincon, modular synth
Jacob Adler, organ