for 4 voices, organ, tanpura, and amplified sine waves

The complete title of this composition, Na Krześle Wszechświata Szkło w Kształcie Chrząszcza Wykrzywia Się, roughly translates from Polish to: on the chair of the universe, a beetle-shaped glass buckles.

The drone and pulse are micro/macro scales of the singular phenomenon of vibration.

Cycles are created on the macroscale through a mathematically defined scale of harmonic/pitch relationships. Cycles are created on the microscale through the division and addition of rhythmic pulses.

Commissioned by the Orgelpark, this composition was performed by VocaalLab Nederland with Dirk Luijmes on organdirected by Frank Wörner, during Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2011 in the Nicolaikerk, Utrecht, and in the Orgelpark, Amsterdam.